Experienced manufacturer of Functional Textile & Sportswear

We are a manufacture of functional textile & sportswear since 1973, managing supply chain from raw materal to consumer goods.

More than a factory, our seamless & virtical process will provide you a completed solution to bring your idea become a amazing piece.

So pleae leave all the merchandising work to us, you could be focus on the design and marketing of your brand.

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Functional Textile

From Quick Dry to Heat-Tech, textile has become more than a piece of fabric, you will find all the latest technology form us.


Our professional pattern maker & experienced tailor will meet your quality in mind as understand how this industry very well.

Cut & Sewn Goods

We are also provide various cut & sewn products as accessory, please contact us for more informaiton.

Why Us

Flexible And Efficiency

Unlike other manufacture, Sunrise Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been provide our service for varioud kinds customer and we know what exactly what to do to get things done and quickly, from samll & qucik project to volume quantity, we could always find the best solution for our customers, work with us and you will get the following service.

  • Before production - raw materail sources, sample development,
  • During production - merchandising follow up, production consultant,
  • After production - quality assurance, Logistic consolidation,

Work with Sunrise to make your products right!

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We know everything about textile and garment, we love to share our knowledge and meet different people, we beleive there are alway a chance for both side to create mutual benefit, but everythig need to be start with a simple conversation, contact us now and see what we can offer.

Why We Have The Best Solution

From Fiber To Fashion

We are a virtical menufacture which means we put our effort from the very begining to the end, in textile and garment industray that means we handle each project from the yarn to the readymade garment, by doing this way all inquire will be under contral and we could already to figure the best solution.

Some Fun Fact

What we have been done for the past 40 years
Completed Projects
Yards Fabric
Piece Clothes

MOQ & Plan

We have the solution


120 pcs/order

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Available Colors
  • 1 Available Fabric
  • 60 Days Leadtime
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1200 pcs/order

  • 4 Styles
  • 4 Custom Colors
  • 1 Custom Fabric
  • 60 Days Leadtime
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12000 pcs/order

  • 10 Styles
  • 10 Custom Colors
  • 4 Custom Fabric
  • 90 Days Leadtime
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Functional Fabric

Here are some example or our functional fabric

Quick Dry

Keep sweat out

Quick Dry fabric is ided material for all kinds of sports whcih can keep your body dry after sweat.


Cool Touch

Feel hot? wear cool

Cool touch fabric is using nano technology by add mineral powder into the yarn so will help to release templutre quickly.

Heat Tech

Heat Feel

Keep you wear with light weight wear

Heat feel fabric is using the the latest technology by absorb nature humidity from human body and transfor to heat.


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